Monday, June 2, 2008

Fortune Cookie

His Holiness Karmapa departed Seattle this morning for his return trip to India, bringing a close to his very successful and inspirational first visit to America. At a private farewell ceremony last night at Nalanda West in Seattle, His Holiness thanked the organizers and sponsors of the visit as well as the governments of India, Tibet and the United States for all their encouragement and support in making the visit possible.

Before coming to the farewell ceremony, His Holiness said, he had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. At the conclusion of the meal, a plate of fortune cookies was brought to the table. As His Holiness reached for one of the fortune cookies, he says, he formed the intention that the message inside the cookie should be something connected to his next visit to America.

At the farewell ceremony, His Holiness had his translator read the message from the fortune cookie aloud to the students and supporters present. The fortune cookie stated:



Karma Tendzin said...

That's wonderful!

Your Holiness,
have a nice trip,
and please come back soon!

Lesley T said...

That is wonderful! Your Holiness and attendants, we welcome you back any time! After attending the Seattle teachings, I wondered during the night how I could wear the teachings out into the world. In the morning the idea arose that I could, for a start, let my heartbeat be a prayer wheel and my breath be the winds that carry the prayers. And, that in the deep center of the prayer wheel, there would be a still point, a place of refuge keeping me and the prayer wheel vitalized. From this start, I could trust that beneficial actions for the world and its contents would take root and arise in me. One heartbeat, one breath, one step, one action at a time. Thank you Karmapa! Thank you to all the travelers and attendants who came with you, and to the many organizers and sponsers, deep thanks and appreciation. Lesley Tinker, Seattle WA.

Mar said...

Have a safe trip home and hope to see you one day.
Thanks for your many words of wisdom as I read all that was said and happened while you were here. I was happy to see many contributed towards one of yours and many others dreams.

Welcome back to one of your many homes and it hits home when you do speak regarding certain topics.

Many thanks ..

One who listens keenly

Luyen said...

So rare a thing it is to have a being dedicated solely to the happiness of others, touch the hearts of so many in such a profound way...

Your teachings were profound and your aspirations long lasting, I pray that you will return soon, as it's clear that everyone will benefit.

Sunset Park Autonomous Zone said...

Please return soon. You are the one for us.

Ryan said...

It was so great to see you in Seattle- all my love to you, all freedom to you, all goodness to you in your life, may you be joyful, and may all your wishes be fulfilled