Monday, June 9, 2008

Commemorative Merchandise and Recordings

Commemorative items and souvenirs that were available at the public teachings in New York, Boulder and Seattle may now be purchased online through Karmapa Foundation's merchandising partnership with Ziji. Items include T-shirts, caps, posters, tote bags, pendants, shrine photos, and a Lion's Roar CD set, along with a special commemorative issue of Bodhi magazine featuring teachings by Karmapa.

Click here to visit Ziji's official Karmapa In America '08 merchandise page. Proceeds support Karmapa Foundation.

Many people have also been inquiring about recordings of the Karmapa's U.S. teachings and whether they will be made available at some point. The answer is yes (!) but not just yet. Post-production (editing, reproduction onto CD/DVD, etc.) will take time. Information about recordings will be posted here when it becomes available, and at the web site, Stay tuned over the coming weeks.

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