Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Pick up a copy of the new issue (dated June 9, 2008 - cover shown above) of TIME magazine, hitting newsstands now across the nation, for a profile of His Holiness Karmapa by senior writer David van Biema. The story includes a stunning full-page portrait of His Holiness taken by photographer Lynn Goldsmith while the Karmapa was in New York City.

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa in New York City,
May 18, 2008. Copyright 2008 Lynn Goldsmith.


Sunset Park Autonomous Zone said...

What a beautiful photo. He looks and is so wise beyond his years.

Ryan said...

An excellent article in Time magazine- I would be so happy if HH could spend two months a year in the US! May all Karmapa's wishes and dreams be fulfilled

Peter said...

I just want to heartily thank the bloggers, photographers and others who put in the time and effort to offer us these heartfelt accounts and wonderful photographs of His Holiness' visit. I sincerely hope more updates, reflections, and photographs are forthcoming in the days ahead so that our knowledge and appreciation of His presence in America can continue to grow and thrive. Thank you.

One suggestion might be to open up the blog to contributors who saw and photographed His Holiness during his trip. Of course you'd want to maintain the quality of the posts, which could be done. Just let people know that not everything that is sent will necessarily be posted.

Thanks again, and as ryan said, "May all of Karmapa's wishes and dreams be fulfilled".

STI said...

All Dharma teachings begin: All Beings without exception desire happiness. His Holiness satisfies the wishes of all Beings because in Karmapa's presence there is happiness.

Karma Tendzin said...

Thanks for the info. I got the Canadian edition today! It's definitely worth buying a physical copy of the current issue.:)

As everyone has said,
"May all of Karmapa's wishes and dreams be fulfilled".