Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your Story

How were you affected by His Holiness Karmapa's first visit to the U.S.? What did it mean to you? Do you have an interesting story to share about the visit?

Readers of the blog are invited to submit their own thoughts (200 words or less) for possible inclusion here.

(Please note that not all submissions will necessarily be published, and published submissions may be edited.)

Email to karmapa(dot)foundation(at)gmail(dot)com.


Recess said...

I felt an even stronger connection to my lineage. The Karmapa's frank account of his own childhood and life actually was quite sad to me, but when I see the result it gives me great hope.

Every day we train little children to be violinists, athletes but this extraordinary being from his earliest days has been training in the benefit of others - in kindness. It fills me with such gratitude.

Karin said...

What I would like to ask is related to the 'new' vegetarianism the Karmapa has asked to adhere to.

Does fish, seafood etc. count as 'meat' (since the Karmapa wanted only meat to be eliminated from the diet), technically speaking it wouldn't. There are even some people eating insects, snails, frogs and almost anything nowadays.