Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Personal Teaching Just for You

Blog reader Skye writes:
His Holiness' teachings during this visit were the first teachings I received from him. His talks on Delusions and Wisdom in New York and Ngondro in Seattle happened at the time when I needed and was seeking these teachings the most.

It is said that the Buddha can teach in a way as if it is a personalized instruction/teaching to each and every individual. And it felt like a personal teaching just for me. The powerful connection came when we practiced the Chenrezig meditation together. I was not thinking or expecting anything. And then, when we were about to start chanting the mantra together, I found my first recitation mixing with his and I felt such an overwhelming power of oneness that it brought strong tears. I was very surprised. It was so emotional. I had to think of something happy to calm myself from crying further so that I can continue chanting the mantra. Thank you, Your Holiness.

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