Friday, May 23, 2008


Another brief anecdote from His Holiness's New Jersey teachings today: toward the end of the session this afternoon, His Holiness returned to the theme of his great joy and delight at spending time together with his dharma friends. "You have made me smile," he said. "And smiling is something I usually do not do a lot of." His Holiness told the members of his audience that he will never forget the feelings of joy they have given him which brought a smile to his face. "And," he added, "if I have brought a smile to your face, I aspire that the feelings of joy and happiness you have experienced in this environment will always stay with you."


STI said...

KTC-NJ Sange Menla Empowerment
The pristine setting in the midst of sunny, green fields of wheat was absolutely beautiful. Spring fragrance wafted through the assembly of 1500 on a teasing breeze, beside a copse of maples. Overarching this Shangri-la enclave was a palpable bhava of serenity combined with lilting happiness and smiling childlike joy, the empowerment of Karmapa's healing Buddha smile.... Mangalam Swaha!

HHK17 said...

have HHK17 smile at you... :)