Sunday, May 25, 2008

Karmapa's Official Welcoming Ceremony in New York City

The video journaling team has begun to publish video clips from His Holiness Karmapa's travels in America on the KarmapaDotTV channel on YouTube. Included below is a clip of highlights from His Holiness Karmapa's arrival and official welcoming ceremony in New York City on the morning of May 15th.

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PC said...

What a wonderful video!

Within a week (from May 15 to May 22), I found there are 5 occasions of auspicious sign of rainbow (most of them are double rainbow). It looked like all Karma Kagyu's centers are being blessed!

In chronological order, here is the rainbow list I have:

1. May 17 Sat, people on Albany Center's return bus from NYC Manhattan teaching witness a double rainbow.
2. May 19 Mon evening, KTD double rainbow.
3. May 21 Wed evening, KTD double rainbow
(see photos from "PRESS PHOTOS" at KTD's web site or

4. May 22 Thur, around 2:00PM in the south direction a clear large double rainbow appeared. A half hour later, another clear large double rainbow appeared in the south east direction.
5. May 22 Thur evening, a rainbow (not sure if it is a double rainbow) appeared at Karme Ling

The link blow contains 4 photos on KTC-NJ's double rainbow.

I am still working on collecting photos on May 17 and May 22 at Karme Ling. Hope that someone happened to have taken these auspicious signs. Please send them to me at, I urgently need them.