Saturday, May 17, 2008

Karmapa's Aspiration at Ground Zero

During his visit to the WTC Tribute Center at Ground Zero yesterday, His Holiness Karmapa inscribed the following aspiration in the guest book, translated here from Tibetan (from Kagyu Office):

Through peaceful hearts,
Peaceful feelings,
And peaceful intelligence,
May this world truly move
From darkness to light.


Diana said...

Precious Karmapa
You fully open our hearts;
May it never fail.

Long, historic life
touching our simple lives;
May you never die.

Pema Zangmo
Monlam Lingbu

Jonathan Graham said...

Pleasant journey and best wishes for world peace and happiness to all beings.

elizabeth said...

Cry From Afar

Here today in Boulder
with mountains swimming
in golden sky
the cottonwoods and
blossoming trees on a gentle

warm wind release
this playful soft
rain of blessings ~ thoughts
of you aswirl: so fragrant, so
beautiful … portent of the greening

leaves of summer, autumn’s honeyed
fruit heavy with
Love and a Buddha’s
wisdom …

You’ve not yet arrived
yet are already here ~
How Wonderful!