Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Karmapa Visit on Tibet Connection Radio Program

For a limited time*, the link below to the Tibet Connection website includes an audio feature story on His Holiness Karmapa's visit to America. This program aired Sunday, June 29th at 9am PST on KPFK Pacifica 90.7FM in Los Angeles and 98.7FM in Santa Barbara. Producer Julie Adler went to Seattle to create this special report on the historic first visit to the West of His Holiness Karmapa, who is fast becoming the hope for generations new and old of Westerners and Tibetans alike.

* After the July program is posted later this month, the above URL may be refreshed with new content and features. At that point, readers can check the Past Programs page and search for the June program which features Julie Adler's report on His Holiness Karmapa's visit.


Tyler Dewar said...

Thank you, Dennis. A further note: it seems possible to download, for free, the podcast of this episode on iTunes by clicking on the "Podcasts" link in the left-hand column of the web page.

Tyler Dewar said...

The piece on His Holiness begins at around 33:13 of the June 29 podcast.